Friday, December 28, 2012

End of the Year Check List

At the beginning of this year, I posted some New Years Goals.  Here's my year end review of how they went!
Goal #1: Get Healthier
I worked really hard on this.  I started making smaller amounts of food, so I wouldn't have as much excess.  I started buying healthier foods.  I started a Healthy Eating Support Group on Facebook.  I still have a few things I need to focus on and work on in this category, but I've got a huge start.

Goal #2: Work on things for my choir!
My choir, the Indy Adult Show Choir has almost made it to it's fourth year in existence!  In May, we had one of our most complicated shows to date, From Africa to the Islands.  We also had a Summer Pop Show, Christmas Show, and two other Public performances! 
This year, we became an official non-profit organization, thanks to Melanie.  In the next month or two, we will become tax exempt!   It's been a big year for my choir!

Goal #3: Get my financial situation under control!
In two months, one of my credit cards, my one that has been my biggest issue and pain in my life, will be paid off!  WOOOHOOO!!!!  After that, I'll start paying down my other card.  I'm starting to get closer with the financial situation under control. 

I'm going to have too work on my New Years Goals for next year.  These three that I had for this year will keep going, but I might add too the list!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas... exhaustion...

Feeling a little down today, and honestly, I have been down since Friday.  I'm over the Holiday Season.  It's not my favorite time of year.  It never has been. I've always hated Christmas music, and there are other reasons that I hate this time of year.
Yesterday was especially bad.   I had to call an ambulance for my dad and admit him to the hospital.  I've been in my pj's all day, but now, I have to shower, get dressed, and pretend all is well for Ian's family. I'm a little sick of putting on my game face lately. 
And we need to do all of this and get back home before the forecasted blizzard starts... oh yeah.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Church Clothing Discussion: Is it really about Sunday best?

Here's a few comments I made on the wearing pants to church Facebook page. 
I've seen young men turned away from serving the Sacrament in my ward due to the color of shirt they were wearing. I saw a young man say, "Is it okay if I serve Sacrament?" and the Bishop told him to go find someone else to do it. He was wearing a dark purple button up shirt and a tie. It was gorgeous, and he looked very nice, yet he wasn't allowed to serve. (Those shirt and tie sets were all the rage last Christmas, and probably still are this year!) Anyway, this is just a random comment.
I do feel like there is plenty of sexism in my Ward, even with my calling, which I just resigned. I will be wearing pants this Sunday.

This was a response to a post:
I do feel like, as Michelle said, we should be understanding and gentle to anyone's feelings that do feel closer to the lord through attire, if that is what makes them happy!
When I was in a YSA branch, a young woman wore a lower cut shirt and a skirt. She was a less active member. I thought she looked fine or even really nice that day. The branch President walked over right before Sacrament started in whispered in her ear. She instantly started crying! This wasn't over pants, but a shirt. I don't remember if she came back after that. I think she decided to go to the family ward instead. I was really upset for her that day, but I thought that branch President wasn't very tactful anyway! Many of the women of the branch were immediately by her side to comfort her! Why was that "OK" for the branch President to do that? I don't think it was!

I do feel like woman are treated completely different in the LDS church.  Some women bring it on them selves.  To get the comment from a fellow sister, "Oh, that's sad!  You're not married!  You don't get to have the Priest Hood in your home!"  Seriously?!  Just because I chose to go to college, get a degree, and start a career, you think it's ok to say that?  It's very condescending!
One person said to me, in a very condescending way, "My life is going so perfect!  I'm getting married in the temple!  I know it's only been three months, but this is what I prayed for!  Not that your relationship isn't good..." At 24 years old, they've been married for a year, and now, are getting divorced.  Maybe she was ignorant in how hurtful that comment was, but she wouldn't have put the disclaimer at the end if she didn't.  
I've been with my boyfriend for over two and a half years.  We met online. He is not a member of the church.  I'm perfectly ok with that.  
A man moved into my ward that is an AMAZING organist.  Being the music chair, I requested of the Bishop that he would receive a music calling.  I was told, that all of the Sunday School positions would have to be filled first, before he would get a music calling!  
I felt that sexism was involved.  I even mentioned this to other people, and I was told that, Priest Hood positions have too be filled first! 
I wore pants to church today in honor of all of those women who have received these comments.  Educated women that have started careers and not rushed into marriage.  
It's not just about attire.  I don't want the Priest Hood.  I'm just sick of women being treated like second class citizens!  I did see another sister, maybe even two today that also wore pants.  Good for them.  Maybe I start wearing them more often!  The Winters in Indiana sure are cold!

Friday, December 14, 2012

What's wrong with Socialism?

Seriously? And I mean this in the most innocent way possible.
Do you attend a church?  I do.  And this was the story told with a talk a couple weeks ago:
A city in Mexico (or South America somewhere) had a drought, but most of them were prepared with extra provisions from the year before.  All except one family.  For some reason, this family was not prepared.  So, what happened?  The church family, or church members provided for that family, making sure that they had enough to eat to make it through the coming months.
Isn't this Socialism?  Isn't this what most churches teach?  The church family will provide.  That body of people will make sure that the family without provisions is able to survive in a time in need.
If you are a believer and attend church on a regular basis, do you believe in Socialism?  Why or why not?
You can say, "Well, they were full tithe payers, so, they deserve the help!"  But that isn't always true.  I know a lot of churches out there that help anyone, member or not, tithe payers or not.
I'm starting to lean to a Socialist society.  I know people abuse the system. A LOT OF PEOPLE.  But I mean the people that aren't.  The ones that need insurance.  The ones that need food and clothing.
I know the difference. After a stint of working at Walmart in college, I could tell the difference between a family that was really trying to get by, and the Hautian (a person from Terre Haute, IN) screaming at me, because the beer and cigarettes were not covered by the state debit card.
There are also people that don't only abuse the system, but abuse church programs that help families out.  I knew a family when I was in elementary school, that had the children join the LDS church.  That way, they could receive food from the Bishop's Storehouse to help them out.  That arrangement didn't last long, but it happened. I'm sure it's not the first or last time either.  
If you're a believer or a Christian, are you for or against socialism and why? 

Monday, December 3, 2012

When Ugly Shoes Happen to Good Women

I saw woman wearing a pair of Clarks today that are a Mary Jane style.  She is probably in her later 40's.  These were black shoes, and she was wearing bright red socks with them!  This woman is long and lean. She's beautiful!  She's successful!  She wearing shoes that aren't age appropriate!
Clarks are some of the most comfortable professional shoes on the market.  I wear them too!  I just hate when adults wear Mary Janes!  Very few woman have the right style to pull them off.
I know this comes from years of trying to find comfortable shoes in the 4,5,6 women's sizes that don't look too childish.  Mary Janes are made for four year olds. Now, if you're wearing a cute skirt with your Mary Janes, and cute tights or something, maybe you can pull that off and not look like your trying to relive your childhood style. I am not one of those women.
 There are other shoes that are out there that scream, "These shoes are really not for older women!"  For instance, I found some "boots with the fur" last week.  They are to replace a pair of boots I've been wearing for five years.  I do worry that someone might find they are not age appropriate for me, or they make me look like I'm trying to be a teenager again. 
I've bought shoes at the store, and then, worn them once and realized, "These look way too young for me!"  I have too be really careful to not do that!  I don't make rash decisions about shoes like I used too!
I feel for women right now.  A lot of the styles of shoes that are out right now are lackluster. It's almost embarrassing to see what the shoe industry thinks we should be wearing these days!
Dear Women buying shoes:
Take a stand against ugly shoes!  Don't let shoe companies push them on you!  Tell shoe companies, We want stylish AND comfortable!  Don't let companies like Crocs and Toms push their styles on you.  Only three year olds and teenagers can get away with wearing those shoes! Women should feel beautiful in their shoes! 

*This is my opinion. If you don't agree, I'm ok with that.  We can still be friends and not agree on everything!