Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Xanex Incident of 2013: Honeymoon Conclusion

For our Honeymoon, Ian and I went to Disney World. I'm a horrible flyer, so, when I fly now, I get a prescription for Xanex from my doctor. Having an anxiety attack on a plane is not fun.
During the week, I had been taking Xanex at the parks to help me feel less anxiety about getting on the rides. Having an anxiety attack in EPCOT isn't fun either, but that's another story.
The last day of our honeymoon, we were spending in Animal Kingdom. There was a ride called "Dinosaur" I really wanted to get on. On our past trip to Disney World, because of said anxiety attack I had in EPCOT, I did not ride Dinosaur. I also didn't ride a lot of other rides. So, with my lunch at the Flame tree BBQ, I took two .5's of Xanex.
I rode Dinosaur! It kind of felt like the ride was in slow motion, which was really strange! Then, we finished our day at Animal Kingdom and left for the airport. When we got to the airport, I took my usual dosage for flying of Xanex, two .5's, my second dosage of that in about 6 hours.
Well, the flight home, I was fine, just really sleepy. As soon as we got off the plane, I remember taking a picture of a model plane, and stating to Ian that I was hungry and NEEDED food! After that is when things start getting hazy.
Actual Picture taken while I was "on Xanex." 
On the way home from the airport, we stopped and got food at Steak 'n Shake. I ordered a Chili 5-Way. We got home, and I remember eating the food, handing the half empty container to my husband, and going to bed. 
Three days later, I asked Ian why we hadn't received our mail from the week before that we had held. He said, "We did." I said, No, we didn't! He said, "YES, WE DID!" I said, no, there's no way. He said, "You sat here on the couch the night we flew in and read mail and handed it to me to read!!!"  Only then, did I kind of remember doing that.
I had come home that night. We went through all of the mail right then, but I hadn't remembered any of that.
Be careful with how much Xanex you take!