Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A "Halloween" Memory

I have this memory of elementary music class with Mrs. Troste at Klondike Elementary School. Every year, we would sing "H-A- Double L-O-W- Double E-N Spells Halloween!" to "Danse Macabre. We could also watch a video of Skeletons dancing to it.
I think it may have been this video:

I'm trying to figure out if this was something that she made up, or if it was related to an old music text book.

In doing my research, using the search terms "Skeleton Dance," I also found these two videos, also classics.
Competing companies with close to the same idea. The Disney Silly Symphony came out first.

Then, there's this newer one, basically, an updated version of the PBS 80's Video. This may be close to breaking the Copyright of the first video.

I actually think about this memory a lot. I thought I would get it out on my blog. 

UPDATE: A little more research, and I found it!!!