Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quick life update!

Things are good! Ian and I have been married since November 1st! We had a Disney Honeymoon, which was awesome! (Lot's of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!)
Do it Myself Bouquets
 Now, we are working on paying off debt this year. We did not go into anymore debt with our wedding. We held it at a nice, yet sensibly priced venue. I made our flower bouquets and boutineers. We got a discount on our cake from an awesome cake decorator. Had an awesome friend take pictures. Got a huge discount on our DJ because of the time of year we had our wedding. We made our wedding invitations from a Hobby Lobby kit that we got for half price. We did a lot of things to cut corners.
 The Dress I Splurged On
We had a few splurges. I spent more on my dress than we were planning on. It did get it off of the clearance rack at a designer store. We skipped the favors completely. (Sorry guests!) We splurged on our honeymoon! (Which was totally worth it!) But we had saved a lot of that money up ahead of time. We did have help from our family, which we appreciate!
This year, we are paying off more debt! Before the end of the year, we plan to have my credit card payed off completely, and that will be the end of credit cards for me!!! We are going to work on paying off our car. We also need to start thinking about replacing Ian's car. It's just starting to fall apart.
This is what Ian and I are working towards.