Thursday, September 29, 2011


If you didn't know already, I'm a little obsessed with Cake.  Not the band, even though I love them dearly, but the actual confection!  I love the taste, the spongy texture, the frosting (especially buttercream), to bake it, to decorate it, to stare at other people's decorated confections and decide what techniques they used.  I just love every thing about cake!  I've spent hours decorating cakes for friends and coworkers, making sure they look beautiful or cool and are appropriate for the occasion. I do this purely for a hobby.  I don't ever plan on being a professional cake decorator.  I have a friend in town that is AMAZING and award winning that I refer people to when they need a cake for any occasion. I have a niece who also does some AWESOME work in the Utah area.  I check out on a regular basis to see what people who are "professionals" screw up, or their Sunday Sweets, in which they display cakes that are very beautifully done!  (My local friend previously mentioned had a cake on Sunday Sweets just a few weeks ago!) 
I'm also obsessed with the most important cake of all cakes, The Wedding Cake!  I spend hours on looking through the Wedding Cakes. Every thing from contemporary and modern to classic looking wedding cakes, I love them all!
This weekend, I'm going to make a horse cake for my boyfriend's niece.  We'll see how that turns out!
I think there should be cake at every occasion!  But that's just me!

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