Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Years Goals: Yes, I have them!

This year started a little rough.  Not terrible, just rough!  I've decided, I better make some my New Years Goals public for the World to see!  That way,  I can also publicly update what's going on with them, and keep myself on track!

Goal #1: Get Healthier
I've been having a really hard time with not just my weight, but with my blood sugar and diabetes. I had started loosing weight after a medicine change in August.  The medicine brought me down ten pounds!  Yeah!  But it hasn't brought me down any more since before Thanksgiving.  Now, one might think, Oh, the Holidays will do that to ya! But actually, I worked really hard during the Holidays not to over eat.  So, starting New Years Eve, I decided I was going to start doing a regular exercise regimen.  I worked REALLY hard on the regimen the first two weeks of the year and GAINED WEIGHT!  It was super frustrating! Now, I'm working on the regimen, but trying not to over due it. 
The next issue is; changing my eating habits.  I've gotten to a point where, I don't eat fast food out very often any more.  (This is probably why my pizza blog is suffering!)  When I do eat out, I'm trying to make better decisions on what to eat.  I always take my lunch to work.  I do eat out before my choir rehearsals on Thursday nights.  My choir has been on break since our Christmas Show and just restarting again, so, I haven't even been eating out on Thursday nights.  Now that we've restarted, I'm going to have to make healthier choices those nights.  Ian is really good about making an eating schedule for the week.  So, we know what nights we are and aren't eating out.  I love to cook!  I also love my own cooking!  This is part of the problem, too.  Maybe I need to start measuring everything I eat.  I'm not that Obsessive Compulsive about things though.  I think that would almost stress me out more, and I would eat more!  I've been working harder on making foods that will either, A. Freeze Well or B. Not have an extreme amount of left overs.  I don't do well with left overs.  Ian ends up eating most of them.  I seem to fail miserably at making too much food!
Another issue is; I'm hungry ALL THE TIME.  I'm serious, within less than two hours of having a full meal, I'm starving, as in stomach growling and hunger pains starving!  (This is not even the psychological, I think I'm hungry therefore I am.)  I'm trying to decide, what is the best way to set a feeding schedule for me.  And if one more person says to me, "Eat more fiber! It will make you feel full!"  It doesn't. I've tried.  Fiber one bars, broccoli, all of that good stuff; I'm still hungry within the two hour time period!  Maybe I need to go to a schedule of eating something every two hours on the dot!
For this goal, I'll need to make a meal plan, have healthy snacks on hand, and make a work out/exercise schedule.  This might take me a while, but I'm going to work on this!

Goal #2: Work on things for my Choir!
The choir I direct, the Indy Adult Show Choir, is moving full speed ahead!  As we are starting our third year in existence, there are some things I want to accomplish with the choir publicly and personally. I want us to become more well known in the Greater Indianapolis Area.  I have a few ideas to get this accomplished, but right now, I've already got a show booked for the Sunrise Retirement Center in Carmel.  At least that's a start! I also need to work on getting more things accomplished before attending rehearsals, such as choreography and doing actual score study. I see this choir going somewhere in the next year, and I need to work hard for that to happen!

Goal #3: Get my financial situation in control!

College, health expenses, and some bad habits in the last 14 years have put me in some deep debt.  I've been working very hard for the last couple years to start getting out of it!  Last year, my goal was to not to bounce a check or overdraw my bank account for a whole year.  I accomplished that!  I got my car paid off last year.  Now, I want to get one of my two credit cards paid off this year.  I'm just going to keep chipping away at that.  It's doable, it just seems really hard!  I would like to be at the point where I can actually start saving money!  I have been saving a little into an emergency fund, but I mean really saving money!  Debt just seems so overwhelming!

Those are my three main huge goals I want to work on in 2012!  I'm definitely behind because it's already February, but there posted!  I've already started working really hard on a few of them, like getting healthy and working on things for my choir.  I may need encouragement to get through the year on some things!

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