Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Judgement

I read this about Ashley. The drug she was on for a month, probably some form of Prednisone, I was on for FIVE YEARS! It sucks!  The drug distorts your face and gives you "Moon Face."  It's a real term. And it sucks. I understand about what she's saying and the judgement that happens.  I was at one of my lowest weights after Transplant, yet, my face looked awful!  I'm actually really embarrassed by some of the pictures from back then, even though, I should have been happy for feeling better.  Most transplant patients don't ever get off of the steroids they are on.  I just luckily had a doctor that agreed with me that I didn't need them any more. On top of the "Moon Face," when a woman is on steroids long term, longer than the 30 days Ashley was on them, her hair starts falling out. That's even worse!  A lot of women feel identified by their hair! Especially women, like me, who are performers!  At the time, I was in college and studying vocal performance.

Here's the thing, the drug does the same to men! Yet, I rarely hear anything about male transplant patients feeling judged. When George Lopez, the comedian got his Kidney from his now Ex-Wife, I never heard anyone say, "Oh, he looks so fat!" or "He looks AWFUL!"  They said, "That's so amazing! He got a kidney from his wife!"  That also goes for Steven "Kojo" Cojocaru, the Fashion reporter on Entertainment Tonight. So, look at this how you want, but women are judged daily, and feel the pressure.  No wonder most women's self esteems are crap! 

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