Monday, July 9, 2012

Disney World, the trip worth taking!

In the Fall, Ian and I took a trip to Disney World.  It was amazing!  So amazing, I keep asking him when we're going back!  We spent eight nights and nine days in the Disney World Resort, and every moment was awesome!
One of my favorite things about Disney World were the Extra Magic Hours!  If you stay on Disney property, they have the parks open for extra hours for the guests.  During these Extra Magic Hours, you get to ride all of the main attractions without all of the extra people that are there during the day.  This is so much fun!  Ian and I figured this out by accident.  I mean, we were told what they were, but just ended up being in the right park the second night we were there!  We were in Hollywood Studios eating dinner at the Sci-Fi Diner, and when we were done, the park was still open!  I got to ride my favorite ride, Star Tours, 8 or 9 times in a row that night!  That was awesome!  I recommend, anyone that's going, take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours!
Cinderella's Castle Decorated for Christmas

When you go to Disney, I totally recommend getting the dining plan!  We actually got a code for a free dining plan when we went.  The dining plan we used had one quick service meal, one table service meal, and one snack a day per person. We maybe spent $150 total on food!  Almost every meal was amazing!  One of my personal favorite meals was eating at the Coral Reef restaurant in Epcot.  The Coral Reef has a gigantic tank full of sea life you can watch while eating sea food!  I know, it sounds all wrong!  But it was so beautiful!  An awesome sea turtle sat next to us and slept for our entire meal!  We also experienced the Aloha Show, the Sci-Fi Drive In Diner, and the Liberty Tree Inn.  All we had to pay for were the tips.  I had a friend that went with her family a couple weeks ago.  Her family paid for the dining plan, and she said, they saved over $500.  Trust me, you will never go hungry with the dining plan.  Dessert comes with every meal!

 Liberty Tree Inn Dessert

My favorite experience from the entire trip was the "Festival of the Lion King." This show lasted about a half hour.  It's located in the Animal Kingdom.  People line up for it at least a half hour ahead of start time.  There are puppets and people dressed as the animals.  It's an interactive experience from beginning to end.  The characters talk to the audience and make them part of the show!  They have the audience make the sounds of Wart Hogs, Elephants, Giraffes, and Lions. Then, they tell the story of the "Lion King" through a musical review.  I cried both times we saw it! 

 Festival of the Lion King Flying Monkeys

Going to Disney is definitely the trip worth taking.  We plan on going again soon!  I would recommending going at least once B.C. (Before Children).  We got to enjoy so many things on our own time.  The Happiest Place on Earth is worth every penny we spent! 

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