Sunday, August 26, 2012

System of a Down: A Random Love

I am a musician, and a classical opera sing to boot! I'm also obsessed with pop divas. I have this random love for the band System of a Down.  I admit it! I love listening to the harmonies. The lead singer's voice is phenomenal! This band isn't for the faint of heart!  (If you don't like cussing among other things, don't listen!)
You might think, "Such a sweet girl! She sings opera and show choir music.  Why would she be obsessed with System of a Down?!?"
This band is so operatic!  I can listen to them for hours on end.  The other day I was listening to them and thinking, I would love to start a band where my operatic voice isn't shunned.  Then, I start to realize, how there's a double standard with male and female opera singers.  It's O.K. for male singers in the pop/rock genre to sound like opera singers.  Besides System of a Down, there's Josh Groban, Il Divo, Muse, and many other male singers with operatic style voices that have successful "Pop Music" careers. When I look at female singers with that style of voice, I see a handful who are very successful, like Kristin Chenoweth, Sandy Patty, and young people, like Charlotte Church and Jackie Evancho.  After Charlotte grew up, the novelty of a 13 year old singing opera wore off, and she's not heard of anymore.  I hope little Jackie Evancho can survive that stigma! Women who are not "Belters"  are chastised for having too much vibrato.  I've been there. I know.  
Has anyone else experienced this? 
So, who's with me?!  Who wants to start and operatic rock band with a female lead singer? 

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