Monday, February 17, 2014

Finding the Perfect Bra!

I posted this on my Facebook page on September 14th, 2013:
This is brought to you by WTMI, so, if you don't want to know, stop reading now! I like a certain kind of bra (Freya) because it fits me properly. I actually went to Barbara's New Beginnings at Keystone at the Crossing to get fitted a couple years ago, and it's the brand that fit best. I know I can get this bra at Nordstroms for about ten dollars cheaper. I ALWAYS look at Nordstrom Rack to see if they have them, and for the last 2 years, they haven't had any. Tonight, I went and they not only had one but TWO in my size! They were HALF the price that they are at Barbara's, so, I bought them both! Woohoo for a properly fitting bra, and an on sale one at that!
And for all of you women out there that haven't been fitted for the perfect bra, I definitely suggest going to Barbara's New Beginnings to get it done! They are the experts! Even if you only buy one from them after the fitting, at least you'll know what your real size is afterward!

Here's another bra story for you. Jockey started selling bras that contains a completely different fitting system. I was very intrigued by this whole thing. I had been telling Ian every since the new fitting system came out that I wanted to try the new bra! We had gone to Edinburg Outlet Mall and there have a Jockey store. I immediately drug Ian in there to see this new system. An employee took me into the fitting room. She began to explain to me the new fitting system. It involves a cup size fitting, which involves these plastic cups in sizes from 1-10 and a band size. After she explained it to me, she disappeared, or just left the room. However you want to look at that. While she explained to me how the measuring system worked, she said, "Most woman wear the wrong size, and this is too get them in the right size!" I looked at her, and responded with, "I DON'T! I go get sized at least once a year by a bra sizing professional!" She seamed a little upset when I responded this way.  She was so set in her ways with her bras speal. 
So, I began doing the measurements for myself. I measured the cup size, which I was all the way up to the size 10 on the plastic cups, and I felt like it didn't even really fit right. There was even a video screen in the room to watch a video on how to do the sizing properly, but I never turned it on, even though I should have. Then, the lady helping me asked my size. I asked her for a 38 /10.   She got the size for me and came back. She had me put it on myself. I said that I didn't think it fit right. She came in and looked at me and said, "Yes, the band is too big. Let's grab a 36." I agreed and she came back with a 36/10. After putting it on, I showed her that my side boob was coming over the sides of the cup. She said that it was fine! (I've never been told this before.) She said to go ahead and put my blouse on over it to see how it looked. Well, it looked fine. I went ahead and bought the $60 bra. The Jockey Employee even said, "Go ahead and wear it the rest of the day!"
Now, I have a few thoughts on this situation.
My first thought, maybe I should have put up more of a fight about the sizing with this Jockey employee. I know my real size is bigger than a Double DD, and I have a feeling that these cups went up to about that.When I said, "I normally wear this size!" She laughed and said, "We don't do cup sizes, and that doesn't matter!" I have a feeling she really just wanted to make a sale and wasn't listening to me. If she would have listened, she could have said something to the effect of, "Oh, well, our size 10 cup is comparable to a (DD?), and we'll try to see if it fits!" I feel like she was really working me to get the sell! 

My second thought on this is, yes, the bra is extremely comfortable. If it really fit me like it's supposed to, sans side boob over flowing, it would be an awesome bra! I have a really hard time with sales people that don't listen to the customer. (I know I've been guilty of this, but I'm working really hard not to be that person.) I used to buy my bras at Victoria Secret before they stopped selling my size, and I gained weight. I think a lot of those sales woman (not all) were just trying to get the sale. They didn't care if that bra fit you right or not. They also didn't do a proper fitting. I don't know if they all were like this, but a lot of the time, they measured me over my clothing. When a person is already wearing a bra which may be padded and a shirt and sometimes a sweater of that, they are not going to be the right fit. 
I felt like the person at Jockey doing the fitting was not very helpful, especially since she told me I had done my size wrong. She should have stayed in the room and done the fitting with me. I know some people have modesty issues. This is not the time to worry about them! I properly fitting bra is so important!  
For a proper bra fitting, I go to Barbara's New Beginnings or Macy's. Both places, the sales people are trained to deal with all sizes and builds of women. They know that a lot of women have qualms with modesty, which is O.K! There are also trained to deal with women that have different needs, whether that's because of religion, ailment, all of those necessities!

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