Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Random Christmas Music Memory

Here's the thing: I hate Christmas music.
It's just an annoyance to me.
I do have favorite Christmas and Holiday pieces that stand alone.
One of those pieces is "O Holy Night." Thought I do have a random memory that is kind of messed up with this piece.
When I was younger, my parents always took me every where with them about 85% of the time. Even places that may have not been that appropriate places. My parents were older, so, a lot of their friends/ acquaintances have passed over the years. My parents always took me to their funerals.
One of these people passed and my parents took me along for the funeral. At the funeral, a woman said, "This is *his* favorite piece of music, and proceeded to try to sing "O Holy Night." She kept having to stop to cry. She barely made it through the piece at all. Mind you, this was in the middle of Summer and wasn't even close to the Holiday season!!!
Now, I know that sometimes I can be an emotionless crazy person when it comes to things like death, but in  my mind, I just wanted to laugh at her. I held it together! (Giggle loop, anyone?)
I still LOVE the piece "O Holy Night," but cannot sing it or hear it without this experience being in mind!

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