Friday, February 25, 2011

The Move To Indianapolis

When I found out there was a position open in Indianapolis, I was conflicted.  I was just getting to a good point in the suburbs. A good balance of friends, job, and personal time.  The other side of the coin was, being closer to my family.  When I was living in the suburbs, I was making the trip to Indiana every four to five weeks.  My parents are older, and I wanted to spend time with them.  I was also going more and more in debt from living in that area.  When I first found out, a coworker and I went to lunch together.  As soon as I told her that the company had made me an offer she knew immediately I was going to take it.  I was still in the thinking process, but she just knew.  I decided I should move.  I was going to have to start over again.  Some tiny snafus happened in the process.  The woman who was leaving the company still had to sell her house.  Well, that was going to take forever.  The other thing that happened was another person was hired because she was a family member.  (I really like her, and still talk with her to this day.)  So, all the sudden, I wasn't really needed after I was offered the position.  The third and final problem was, aside from the fact that I had no money to move, I had just resigned my lease at my apartment complex.  I would have to do a buyout with them.  Well, my boss up there was awesome, and did a lot of speaking on my behalf, with the company and with my apartment complex.  He got the company to pay for part of my buyout and payments for my buyout that I could afford.  He also helped me get a moving truck. 
The moving party was huge!  People showed up from church that I wasn't even sure they knew who I was, all of the Young Single Adults came, and all of the new friends I had made over the last year and a half.  I had also used a lds type facebook to help me out.  I contacted a girl on there from Indy that seemed very out going, and told her that I was moving into the area and may need help.  She replied and said, sure, people are willing to help. Things were started to work themselves out to get me moved.  The woman who was supposed to be leaving the position finally gave a final date.  So, we set a final date for the move. 
On the way, I had to stop at my parents to go to the bank get a cashiers check. They helped me out a little bit with the money to pay the new apartments.  I also stopped and picked my niece E. up from her university for some back up help.  She's also extremely organized! 
When we got to the apartments, there were three guys from the church that I had never met before.  One of them ended up being related to one of my sister's friends.  As soon as the moving truck got there, we got everything unloaded.  While unloading, I met my upstairs neighbor.  She ended up being a great neighbor the whole five years I lived in that apartment! My old boss, his wife, and daughter said their goodbyes, and left.  I think he was really sad to say goodbye to me.  Then E. and I started the unpacking and arranging process.

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  1. I need E. to come help me purge and organize! As much as I have been working on it I still feel like I am not quite there yet!