Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What it means to be a Non-Professional Singer

A Non-Professional Singer is a person who enjoys singing and has maybe had some training in the vocal area.  The Non-Professional Singer may do Karaoke, Community Theaters or Choirs, and Church choirs.  The Non-Professional Singer is actually a pretty good singer, just couldn't take the time out of life to do things like audition for Broadway, audition for American Idol, and/or make their own CD to start shopping around to record companies. 
I am a Non-Professional Singer.  I love singing and directing the little choir I created with my friend. I love singing karaoke.  I still direct the music for church services.  I still sing "special music" for church services.  I love going to show choir competitions during show choir season.
I went to college to be a singer and studied music.
I also have many health issues.  One that was discovered when I was eleven that would eventually lead to a kidney transplant.   In my late teens early twenties my health was at its worse. A councelor at the medical center looked me in the face and told me I wasn't allowed to live my dream and become a "Professional Singer."  I had to have insurance to live. She was just very matter of fact. Within a two minute conversation, my dreams were crushed!  Did this person realize she had accomplished that?! Of course, this person for her job probably crushes dreams on a daily basis!
So, I went back to college and changed my major to a music major that could get a job: Music Business. In fact, the advisor of that major called me while I was still in the hospital from my transplant to check on me.  See, the music business majors would go on a trip to California every year to attend NAMM (The International Music Products Association) conference. He knew the only thing keeping me from going was a kidney.  From that moment on, I knew that music business was where I was supposed to be.
I currently work for a large sheet music company where, I have insurance.  Not exactly what I had in mind when I started college, but I enjoy it most days.  I sing on the side.  My largest endeavor is the community show choir I started with a friend in January of 2010. 
My question is, how does one fulfil the need to do something that was a life long dream?  When a single person turns around and demolishes all of your dreams and aspirations, life does go on. 
This blog will be about my life going on...

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  1. I'm glad you don't blame the crushed dreams on me! I remember telling you you had to get a job where you could get insurance. Maybe it just didn't seem "real" until a professional in health care was the one who told you.