Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Question for McDonalds

I have one pet peeve for McDonalds, so, I finally sent them a message about it.  This is the message:

Why when I order a Happy Meal, does the crew member ask, "Do you want a girl toy or a boy toy?" I find this very sexist!  They need to tell me what the toys are and ask, like, "Do you want the Barbie or the Hotwheels?"  What if my little girl wants the "boy toy" or my little boy wants the "girl toy?" When asked the original question, you are putting constraints on children of what they can/will choose just due to titles.  When I was a crew member during college, I always said what the toys where.  I even had all of my fellow crew members doing it.  And yes, some parents are obnoxious and say things like, "My son better not want a BARBIE!"  But that's the parent's choice to teach the child ignorance. 
Please retrain crew members to not be sexist!  I've always loved McDonalds since a young child, and I worked there as an adult.  I know sometimes the people that work there aren't shown by others how they should do things properly in this industry.  I don't know why there are always two options for toys now anyway! It didn't used to be that way! You just got the toy that came in your box! 
I also know it will take a HUGE national effort to get this one little thing trained, but it could be included in the obligatory sexual harassment training or something.  This really hurts my feelings!  I don't even have children yet, but when I do, if this is not changed, I will not be taking them to McDonalds for a "Girl or Boy" happy meal!

We'll see if they send me a real response, or if I just get a generic, "We are sorry about your concerns, blah,blah,blah!"  The last time I complained about Target, that's all I got. I'll keep this updated on what they send me! 

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