Friday, February 15, 2013

The Day After: Valentine's Day

It's the day after, which is fine.  I've never been a sad or bummed person on Valentine's Day.  I've always just tried to celebrate it in my own way.  I would try to find people to hang out with that day.  I would make treats.  I would wear pink or red, mostly pink. I hate red. Though I HATE seasonal clothing.  Here are a few random Valentine's Day memories.
I think it was when I was in 5th grade, but I could be wrong, February 14th fell on a Saturday. So, that meant that we were celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday the 13th.  I remember having so much fun and loving the whole day!  It was such a good feeling!
This one is a little negative: I used to try to bring snacks on different holidays at work.  One year for Valentine's day, I brought in my favorite cupcakes: Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Icing.  Three of my coworkers at different times, basically told me, I was just trying to make them fat. (They had said this on other occasions too.) After that, I decided I wasn't going to bring them treats anymore.
Now, I actually have a Valentine.  This is pretty awesome.  He's pretty awesome.  He sends me flowers every year to work.  Like I said, he's pretty awesome. He always remembers, yet, I fail at getting him something pretty much every year!  This year, I've had a cold all week.  I barely left my apartment, except to go to work.  I thought he wouldn't do the flower thing this year, because we are taking the Dave Ramsey course, Financial Peace University.  But he still did! 
Even though I didn't always have a Valentine on the day, I always tried to make it into doing nice things for others.  I know people get lonely.  I understand that.  Some people turn a day into a bunch of negativity!  I suggest going out and doing nice things for people.  Buy the person in line behind you at the fast food place their meal.  Open a door for someone.  Give a friend a phone call just to say, "Hi."  It's all good stuff! You'll feel better knowing you helped someone else have a better Valentine's Day!

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