Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Third Grade Memory: The Tiger Report

I have this memory of the third grade. Mrs. Robertson was my teacher. We were sitting at a table in our reading group discussing reports we had written on animals. Mine was on the tiger. We had to answer provided questions for our reports. One question was, "What are your animal's enemies?" Well, I gave the answer out of the book I had read: The tiger has no known enemies. Mrs. Robertson turns to me with this weird look on her face and says, "Yes it does! He stands on two legs and holds a gun!" I was so in shock that she talked that way to me, I just stared at her! She got this "Well duh!" Look on her face and said, "A man!" 
I remember being extremely upset by her attitude and actions towards me. I answered her question by what I had read, yet I'm sure she counted points off because I didn't read between the lines and give the answer she wanted!
I'm sure this has psychologically affected me for the rest of my life!

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