Friday, February 15, 2013

The Day After: Valentine's Day

It's the day after, which is fine.  I've never been a sad or bummed person on Valentine's Day.  I've always just tried to celebrate it in my own way.  I would try to find people to hang out with that day.  I would make treats.  I would wear pink or red, mostly pink. I hate red. Though I HATE seasonal clothing.  Here are a few random Valentine's Day memories.
I think it was when I was in 5th grade, but I could be wrong, February 14th fell on a Saturday. So, that meant that we were celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday the 13th.  I remember having so much fun and loving the whole day!  It was such a good feeling!
This one is a little negative: I used to try to bring snacks on different holidays at work.  One year for Valentine's day, I brought in my favorite cupcakes: Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Icing.  Three of my coworkers at different times, basically told me, I was just trying to make them fat. (They had said this on other occasions too.) After that, I decided I wasn't going to bring them treats anymore.
Now, I actually have a Valentine.  This is pretty awesome.  He's pretty awesome.  He sends me flowers every year to work.  Like I said, he's pretty awesome. He always remembers, yet, I fail at getting him something pretty much every year!  This year, I've had a cold all week.  I barely left my apartment, except to go to work.  I thought he wouldn't do the flower thing this year, because we are taking the Dave Ramsey course, Financial Peace University.  But he still did! 
Even though I didn't always have a Valentine on the day, I always tried to make it into doing nice things for others.  I know people get lonely.  I understand that.  Some people turn a day into a bunch of negativity!  I suggest going out and doing nice things for people.  Buy the person in line behind you at the fast food place their meal.  Open a door for someone.  Give a friend a phone call just to say, "Hi."  It's all good stuff! You'll feel better knowing you helped someone else have a better Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Third Grade Memory: The Tiger Report

I have this memory of the third grade. Mrs. Robertson was my teacher. We were sitting at a table in our reading group discussing reports we had written on animals. Mine was on the tiger. We had to answer provided questions for our reports. One question was, "What are your animal's enemies?" Well, I gave the answer out of the book I had read: The tiger has no known enemies. Mrs. Robertson turns to me with this weird look on her face and says, "Yes it does! He stands on two legs and holds a gun!" I was so in shock that she talked that way to me, I just stared at her! She got this "Well duh!" Look on her face and said, "A man!" 
I remember being extremely upset by her attitude and actions towards me. I answered her question by what I had read, yet I'm sure she counted points off because I didn't read between the lines and give the answer she wanted!
I'm sure this has psychologically affected me for the rest of my life!