Friday, January 22, 2016

Random Memory: It hurts when I pee!

I have this random memory of when I was really little, maybe 3 or 4 years old.
I'll give a little back story. I rarely had symptoms with my urinary tract infections. That's one reason no one realized I was so extremely ill when I was little. I always just pushed through. I had a low grade fever all the time that nobody noticed.
My random memory is this. I remember telling my dad that it hurt when I peed. Why I told my dad at that time, I have no idea. We were walking around Osco, and he asked the pharmacist what I should do. The pharmacist did not say to go get a Urine Culture done. He said, "She should drink more fluids." I remember after that going to Kmart with my dad, and then, going home.
Here is my issue with this suggestion. He was a pharmacist and not my doctor. His real answer should have been, "Drink lots a fluids, and go see your doctor. Only a doctor can do a Urine Culture."
Maybe back then (1981-1982) it wasn't really that big a deal to see your doctor for a UTI. Now, it's such a simple test, I encourage everyone to get one done! If you tell me symptoms of a UTI, I'm the biggest advocate to GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR!
All of this, "Drink more water or cranberry juice!" is just ridiculous! Sure, cranberries have healthy properties for your urinary tract, but they aren't miracle makers. UTI's need antibiotics.
So, please, take it from someone that has had a kidney transplant due to constant undiscovered childhood urinary tract infections. If your child starts saying things like, "It' hurts when I pee!" or "My lower back hurts!" or has a low grade fever, take the kid to the doctor or urgent care and get a Urine Culture!
This could save their life!

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