Saturday, May 26, 2012

Craftiness, I have it!

I try to be craft ever now and then.  Most of the time my craftiness goes into mindless projects, like knitting and crocheting.  Last weekend, I actually finished a project I had bought the beginnings for in 2007! YES, that long ago!  My friend had a couple Uppercase Living parties, and I bought stuff both times I went.  Last Saturday, I woke up and said to myself, "I'm going to finish those rub on projects today if it kills me!"
Welcome Pineapple Tile
I bought the tile for this at Lowes for a whole 75 cents!!!

 Love never Fails Plaque
I bought the wooden plaque at Michaels and then, painted it.

I bought a pre-painted shelf at Lowes.  I then, put the Faith/Hope/Love rub on, on it.  I realized, there was way too much space left on the sides. So, I bought a stencil and paint at Michaels and added the trees with the little blue birds.  (Sorry for the messy table!)
I do a lot of crafty projects! This one just happened to have sat around for years and years!  

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