Wednesday, May 23, 2012

That Song, the One that's Stuck in my Head!

You know that moment, you know, the one when you realize, you have a song stuck in your head!  Well, for more than 24hrs, I've had the Gotye Song, "Somebody that I used to Know" stuck permanently in my brain!
I have two choices when it comes to these moments.
Choice 1. Ignore it. Play other songs to get rid of it.  Make it go away!
Choice 2. Embrace it. Play the song on repeat until I have it memorized!
When I was in the 6th grade, I moved from one middle school to another.  I remember Mariah Carey's Debut Album had come out, and I was obsessed with one song: "Someday!"  Here's the thing: I could not stop singing this song! I also wanted to emulate Mariah's voice!  She had what I wanted! She sang like I wanted to sing!  I spent every waking moment I had singing and memorizing "Someday."  By the time I had that accomplished, I begged my parents to buy me the cassette.  Well, they did! Then, I spent every waking moment memorizing every song on that Cassette!  Within weeks or maybe even days, I had that thing memorized! From every note she sang, to what key the next song started in (with general pitch memory, not the actual key), to the point where I was making sure I could mimic her!

I do this, choice two, now too, if the music is worth while.  I just can't decide if "Somebody that I Used to Know" is one of those songs.

Gotye's Somebody that I Used to Know
*Just a warning, bodies are scantily clad, but they are being painted.  Nothing is ever shown.
Pentatonix Version
I like this version better!!! This group won the last Sing Off show with Ben Folds, Sarah Barielles, and Shawn Stockman.

Knowing me, I'll put it on repeat on my Vevo Playlist until I have it memorized!

Also, if I get too attached, my choir will end up singing it as soon as an arrangement is available!

Does anyone else have this problem?  I even woke up singing it! Maybe I need to start an obsessed with songs anonymous group.!

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