Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Taste Vs. Others

I have a very particular taste, when it comes to a lot of things.  This can either gain me friends, or make a lot of people angry. I have a really eclectic taste, but at the same time, there are things that I really dislike.
For Instance, let's talk pop music. I actually LOVE pop music! That's probably an oxymoron for a trained opera singer, but I digress!  There are a couple songs that come on the radio often, that I instantly change the channel or turn off!  One of these songs is, "Push" by Matchbox Twenty. I hate this song!  Really! I do!  It makes me really dislike the band too! It ruined the band for me when, they made this song their first single.  The rest of the world seems to love them, and the radio tends to play their music endlessly. 
What makes this even worse is the fact that, a local radio station here, 93.9, changed their format from current pop music, to playing the "Best of the 90's, 2000's, and Today!"  If I wanted to listen to the 90's, I would listen to a light rock station!  So, now, I often change the station off of this channel, even though, I used to listen to it often!
The thing is, I realize things may just be a difference of opinion. I also have a difference in taste when it comes to show choir music and shows.  I hate what my friend Doug calls, "Kitchy."  The way too cute, the way over done costumes, the way over the top: I hate it.  I feel like the group is trying to cover something up when they use these gimmicks.  Some choirs have done this for years.  It's almost formulaic.  If I can say, "Ok, this group is going to come out: First Song is Pretty, Second song is comedy, third song is ballad, next song is men doing something goofy, the next song is the HUGE OVER THE TOP FINALE!"  I probably won't like it! Surprise me!
Some people love it, but Kitchy is not my taste!

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