Friday, June 1, 2012

Cooking for your enjoyment!

I love to cook! It's like, I'm the mad scientist doing a science experiment, except, in the end, I get to eat it!  I'm not really good with measuring the ingredients though. This can be a problem, especially if someone wants to recreate what I'm making.  A lot of my recipes are in my head, like a grandma would cook!  So, I started putting them on my pizza blog!  This may be confusing to some, but I'm just trying to get them in writing!  I also still make and eat pizza every once in a while.  I'll keep posting about that too!  So, don't worry about missing me eating and blogging about pizza!
My favorite dishes to cook are probably Mexican or Tex Mex inspired.  I seem to like a lot of mildly spicy food!
When someone compliments my cooking, I really appreciate it.  I think a lot of people feel that way about their own craft or hobby. Usually when I read a recipe, I'm already thinking about what I can change to make it taste better, different, or to my liking.  It really hard for me to follow a recipe exactly! 
My favorite part of the cooking is using seasoning, herb, and spices.  You can change the whole out come of a dish just because of the seasoning you use!  Some of my friends make fun of my for my assortment of seasonings.  Trust me, I'm barely using a quarter of what the rest of the world uses to season their food!
This is so exciting to me, I decided to share it with everyone on my pizza blog!  So, this is when it becomes cooking for your enjoyment! Everyone out there can see what I do to cook dinner every night.

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