Saturday, June 2, 2012

Some Little Pet Peeves of Mine

Everyone has them.  Those little things that other people do that just drive you crazy!!! Well, I'm going to mention a few on here!

Whistlers: Seriously!  Any kind of whistling hurts my ears!  Whether the person is whistling because they have a tune stuck in their head, or they are whistling at a sports event, or even to get a person's attention. The sound is one of the most terrible sounds in the World to me!  As a child and through my teenage years, I had severe ear infections. This causes part of my problem with the shrill sound annoying me.  I would think that other people with ear issues, hearing problems, and even hearing aids would feel the same way about it that I do.  But maybe I'm wrong.  So, the next time you're at a concert or a game, and you think that something needs whistled at, please think twice.  It really is hurting someone's ears!

Irresponsible Parents:  I'll start by saying this, I know people aren't perfect!  I'm definitely not.  But why do parents think it is O.K. to take their children out past bed time, and then, get mad at the child's melt down!?  The child is tired, and that parent is the idiot that decided to take him/her out!  I'd rather hear the child cry then hear the parent making the "SSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" sound!  That sound really annoys me, and I find it more disruptive than whispering to the child or talking to the child.
I have a couple examples.  The first one is, when Ian and I went to Disney World.  We took advantage of a lot of the EMH, or Extra Magic Hours, especially in the evenings.  If you're not familiar with EMH, it's when the parks stay open later for people that are staying on the Disney Resort properties.  That way, they can ride the attractions without as many extra people there. 
Ian and I were at Hollywood Studios, and Ian decided to ride the Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster.  I decided not to.  While I was waiting for him, a little girl, maybe two probably younger, was screaming her head off!  Well, of course the poor thing was!  It was after eleven o'clock at night!  The mother wasn't handling this very well.  I could tell she was getting frustrated!  She was using some angry words with the little one along with the shushing.  Honestly, take the poor thing back to the hotel and let her sleep!
The next example I will give is when Ian and I went to see the "Avengers" movie last month. We went to a 9:30pm showing for a reason.  Plus, that movie is PG-13!  A couple brought their little boy.  He was maybe almost five!  He started making comments during the previews, which even some of those scared me!  When the movie started, he started saying, "Mommy, I'm scared!"  "Mommy, what are they doing?"  "Mommy, what's going on?!"  He was obviously way too young for the movie!  The mom, again, was shushing the kid and was visibly mad at him every time she had to take him out because he was afraid of the movie!  Here's some advice: HIRE A BABYSITTER!  Thank you for ruining all of the other movie goers experience because you're irresponsible parents!
My last example is, parents who think it's ok to take their kids to the grocery store in the late evening!  I go late at night for a reason!  OK, maybe there's an emergency where you need to just run to the store with your kid in tow, but that's not what I see most of the time.  I see the upset parent that is cussing his/her child out for crying!  Really?!  You should be mad at yourself! Not the child!
Disclaimer: I know children cry.  I know they can have melt downs at any time of day!  And for anyone that says to me, "Wait until you have kids!" I'm learning by your examples what NOT to do! 

Lack of Turn Signals:  You know that driver that thinks he's gonna cut in front of me without a turn signal? Well, he's not. I'm not letting him in!  People! LEARN TO USE TURN SIGNALS! I'm not a nice, polite driver unless that driver learns what the laws are and how to drive!  My friend Caitlin has a little blog about it!  I know how she feels!

The High Maintenance Customer:  I really love a lot of my customers!  But every once in a while, I get that one who comes in, and I have to hold his/her hand through the entire shopping process!  I know customers are going to have questions, and that's perfectly fine and normal!  The high maintenance customer is the one that comes in, doesn't know what they want, and wants you to tell them what to buy!  Some of you might think this is a good thing. Hey, just tell them to buy everything, right?  Well, this is when, every suggestion you make, they tell you is WRONG! As in, no, that's not at all what they are looking for!  Then, it just goes down hill from here!  The worse part is, when in the end, I'll find out something like, they don't even play an instrument.  They were looking for their nephew or insert some random relative here.  Basically, they were wasting my time!

These are some of my biggest pet peeves!  Their just a few little things that set me off!  Everyone has something that other people do, that drives them crazy!

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