Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This Week's Ben Folds Five Experience

Last Wednesday, I got to see Ben Folds Five for the first time ever, in concert!  I have seen Ben so many times live, that I have lost count. I had never gotten a chance to see the Five together before Ben went solo.  Well, now they are reunited!  It was awesome!
Here's a quick rundown of the night's events:
My friend Allison was coming to the show from Wisconsin.  She messaged me and said, she still had a pass for VIP parking, because when she got to the Venue, the parking lot wasn't open yet.  So, Ian and I met her at the VIP Valet parking area, she gave us the pass, and we got the car parked.  Then, we decided that we would go to the Subway that was right around the corner. While trying to figure out which corner this really was, a really nice guy came around the corner and said, "Robert Sledge is standing out front!"  We walked around to the front, and he was still there!  Allison started talking to him, and he offered to sign my CD cover, that I randomly picked up as I got out of my car. While he was standing there signing, out walks Darren Jessee, and Ben Folds!  I got to see and meet the whole band in person before the show even started! They all signed my CD cover!
Then, we went to eat at Subway. 
After Subway, we came back to Old National Center/Murat to watch the show.  The seats I had for Ian and me were a couple rows apart.  The guy I sat next to was a huge fan of  Kate Miller-Heidke and her guitarist, Kia.  He wasn't really there to see BFF.  Kate was amazing!  I'd recommend listening to her if you haven't. She was going to sit at the merchandise booth during the break, so, the guy next to me, John, ran out to talk to her.  When he got back from break, he noticed Ian and I were in separate rows, and offered to trade seats with Ian.  (What a nice guy!)
Ian and I watched the show together, and I pretty much rocked out the entire time! BFF played so many awesome songs, and my personal favorite was "Selfless Cold and Composed."
When the show was over, we waited for the band to come out in front of the building.  We had been waiting for a little while and talking to all of the other fans, when I realized, we hadn't gotten the car keys back from the Valet yet.  I sent Ian over, and while he was walking over, I realized the car was sitting directly behind us. I called Ian, and he said, the door was locked where the Valet had been, and there was no one to be found. I walked straight up to the security guard standing there and said, "Is Valet Parking closed?  I haven't gotten my car back yet!"  The ESG guy looked at my and kind of chuckled, and said, "Ya, It's closed."  He was really nice, and proceeded to take me back in the building, so, I could get my keys back.  He did help my find my keys, thankfully!
Then, I went back out, and Robert Sledge came out first.
Robert Sledge and Me
Then, Ben and Darren came out close to the same time.  I ended up talking with Ben first. 
Ben Folds and the Really Nice Fan Guy
They were saying, "NO INDIVIDUAL PICTURES!"  Well, so, my pic with Ben didn't come out!  But this is the guy who informed us before the concert that Robert Sledge was standing out front! I wish I would have gotten his real name!
Then, I talked to Darren Jessee. 
Darren Jessee and Me
Since they had all signed my CD cover for "The Sound of the Life of the Mind" before the concert, I had them all sign my concert ticket. 
This show was an awesome good time!  I wasn't even expecting to get to meet the band and Ben again, and I got to TWICE!  
All in all, I would call it a successful concert going evening!

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