Monday, October 1, 2012

The Migraine Sufferer's Plight

I started getting Migraines when I was about ten or eleven. If you've never suffered a migraine, and believe those lucky people exist, you'll never know the pain, the suffering, the need for it to go away that we feel!  Today, a headache is coming on.  I started with taking an Allegra at lunch thinking that it was related to all of my sinus and allergy issues I have going on.  Then, I moved on an hour after lunch and took two Excedrine Migraine.  An hour after that, I just feel worse.  I took two Contact pills.  Hopefully, something will kick in soon.  If not, I will not be able to do anything after work, but go home and lay in bed.
The sad fact is, when the head ache starts moving in, I'm usually ok. But if I don't start talking medication right away, other symptoms of the migraine move in and take over.  Right now, I'm fighting the slight nausea that's starting in.  The tiny baked potato with butter that I brought for lunch and didn't finish, may have been a bad idea.
I gave up dairy because of my migraines, especially milk.  Drinking a glass of 2% milk is an invitation for a migraine to move right in.  Milk migraines always end up with me vomiting.
I have period migraines.  That's when it's the first day of my period and the migraine moves in.  So, I went on the Deprovera shot and gave up periods, for now.
I'm pretty sure, the migraine moving in today is sinus related.  It's behind my eye and in the bridge of my nose.  These headaches don't always turn into full blown mind numbing pain, lay in the dark, vomiting migraines, but the one that's invited itself is starting to feel that way!
There's a tv show, where a guy died because he was trying to drill the spot out the pain out of his head, his migraine hurt so bad. Not that I would do that, but it really is painful.  I call it the "little man with the drill is drilling inside of my head" or if it's a pounding migraine, he's "hammering inside of my skull." 
I remember laying in bed at about ten, in the dark, watching my robot fan with red light eyes, oscillate back and forth.  I would just lay there willing it away, until I would finally throw up.
I also get pressure headaches. One change in the weather, and I'm out flat.  My co-worker just walked in from out side, and said that it's raining.  After yesterday's amazing weather, this is probably created quite the pressure change!  I read an article once that said, standing out side and trying to get fresh air is a why to subside pressure headaches. Maybe I'll go stand outside for a few minutes.

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  1. I'm so sorry, Pechin. I've had them, too, and I know how truly awful they are. My mom got the pressure headaches, too; every time they said on the news that the barometer was dropping, the whole family just heaved an inward sigh and hoped her pain wouldn't last too long.