Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Current Addiction: Toddlers and Tiaras

Why am I addicted to this reality show?!
The editing is hilarious!  TLC really knows how to edit a show!  Some of these little girls are really talented.  Some of them are really smart. Some of them are taught bad attitudes.  Some of the parents are crazy!  Some of them really do this to spend quality time with their child.  Some of these girls really love being on stage!  And you can tell which ones they are.
There's only been a couple episodes that have really annoyed me.  One was, the girls were fraternal twins, and the mother kept saying one was prettier than the other.  Really?!  The little girl the mom didn't favor, ended up winning director's choice!  She had a better attitude than a lot of the other girls.
One episode, the parents were obsessed with pirates.  Everything the little girl did for pageants was pirate themed.  That dad loved helping his little girl do pageants, and helped her write a song to sing on stage.  That was fun to see!
This show is entertaining to me.  I'll only get to watch the first three seasons, because that's what's available on Amazon Prime.
If only my mom would have put me in pageants as a child...

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