Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Allergies have taken over!

My allergies will be the end of me some day!  I am currently suffering from Fall allergies. That means, my vocal chords will not phonate properly. Go me!  That's great, because my choir has a performance on Sunday.  I should be on vocal rest until that performance!  Instead, I'm at work. I have to talk to customers in person and answer the phone.   
My allergies have always been an issue from a very young age.  When I was little, they caused ear infections from the trapped drainage in my tubes.  Then, in college, they would cause major sinus infections that would take months to go away!  This is awful when your major is singing!
Part of it, I'll blame on my self. As soon as Fall hits, I'm supposed to be on a daily routine of Allegra, Sudefed, and Sudefed PE, all on a six hour rotation.  Well, I didn't realize the fall weather was going to hit almost over night!  Plus, now that Allegra is an over the counter drug, it costs more than when I could get it as a prescription.  This really hurts my budget!  I need to bite the bullet and buy it anyway.
So, today, I'm on a rotation of Contact, Wellness Tea, and a Throat Coat formula, (I couldn't find the real stuff last night!) plus, Ludens cough drops.  I'm also not talking unless it's necessary.  Tomorrow, I was supposed to have the day off for an event Saturday.  Now, I'm not going to work that event. I told my boss as soon as he decided I wasn't going, I'm still taking a personal day tomorrow. He was fine with that! (Good!)
So, tomorrow, I'm on strict vocal rest. We have a rehearsal tomorrow.  It's going to be a silent choreography hour! Saturday is going to be a day of vocal rest too! 

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