Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Love, Ben Folds

My love for Ben Folds started when I was the wee age of 19.  I had heard the song "Brick," but honestly, it did nothing for me. The song that made me fall in love was, the Ben Folds Five's "Battle of Who Could Care Less!"  The harmonies were amazing!  I ran out and bought the album, and from there, all is history.
As I sit here at my desk in the anticipation of the new Ben Folds Five CD, that is going to be delivered at any second by the UPS person, I reminisce on all of the years I've had with Ben and the love of his music. I've lost count how many concerts I've been to.  It's probably around 15-20, which is low in some people's eyes.
The first time I met Ben, I announced to every one at work that day, I wasn't leaving the concert venue until I met him!
Ben and I at Purdue, May 2, 2005
Well, I did. I stood for an hour in the rain... blah, blah, blah, but it happened!  All of my co-workers at the time, started calling him my husband!  
Every year, I try to see him at least once live.  It usually happens in the fall, so, I've started associating Fall with seeing Ben at some point. (Which is funny, because all of the pics I've posted on here are from Spring concerts!)
This year is different!  I've never seen him with the actual Ben Folds Five.  This is going to be so awesome!  I'm waiting for that CD to come today, so, I can start memorizing all of their new songs!  
There's something about Ben and BFF that moves me from deep in my soul.  I love every song, every harmony, every lyric! 
Indianapolis, Murat March 21st, 2009
Purdue March 1, 2008
E. and I with Sam, Ben's Drummer
October 3rd will be here soon!  I've spent way too much money on tickets, but I have them.  See ya then, Ben! 

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  1. OMG! I am so friggin' jealous! I love Ben and his creepy-amazing songwriter skills, and so does my husband. Ben (and a few others) were the soundtrack to which we fell in love! If you meet him again, please tell him that two geeks who SO embody his song "Songs of Love" thank him for writing it just for us. <3