Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nails... Maybe I'm a Little Vain

I have this weird obsession with my nails. They are brittle and flimsy.  This comes from years of biting, which I don't do anymore, and playing the violin, which I don't do any more, either. 
I want them to GROW!  I manicure them, file them, paint them, try new treatments and lotions that claim to "Strengthen!"  and it never happens! 
I love the way a good clean french manicure looks, but my nails never really grow long enough that a french manicure looks OK on them.  I'll get them all to a good length, and the start bending over the edge of my finger and breaking.  It gets really frustrating!
I used to get acrylics all the time in high school and college.  My orchestra director loved that!  The woman that did them in high school worked at the Natural Way Nail Shop.  It was a business she and another woman ran out of a home.  They had random pets every where, like a huge glass cage with an iguana! She would do the most beautiful hand painted designs, even with french tips. 
The last time I had them done was for a wedding in August of 2009.  That woman did a horrible job!  The last time I drove by that shop it was closed.  I still have one nail that won't grow in correctly after that experience.
Right now, I can barely spend the money to get hair cuts, let alone have my nails done. 
It's soothing to do them myself, but I always mess up the paint somehow. They never look perfect.

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