Sunday, September 16, 2012


I hate pretty much any type of Arachnid! They all freak me out!  I had this random thought last night:  I should go to Youtube and look at videos of Spiders to see if I can get more used to them or the Desensitization Psycology. Well, it just made it worse!
The worse part is contemplating where the little boogers can hide in a bathroom! The things that show up on Youtube scare me!  Huge spiders sitting on toilets, hanging out in showers, walking on the walls... all of it makes my heart race! 
I know that most spiders a non-aggressive, unless you enter their territory.  The problem is, I have no idea what a spider has decided is it's territory!
I hate all other arachnids too!  My biggest fear camping is a tick bite. Even looking at scorpions makes me shudder.  I have a niece that was stung buy a scorpion, and even though I would love to come visit her, I don't think I could.  She got stung while sleeping in her own bed in her house. The fact that she survived, makes me feel a little better about it.  But every once in a while, she still posts pictures on Facebook of scorpions they've found around their house.
I have problems walking through pet stores, because they may sell Tarantulas! What if one got loose, and it jumps on me?!?!
I think, when I was little, my brother, whom is much older than me, threatened to throw spiders on me!  I have the right to be afraid of them!

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