Saturday, September 8, 2012

Conversation About Google Wallet

Coworker: I read an article in Time magazine about how, sooner or later, no one is going to carry a wallet.  It's all going to be on their smart phone! Well, what about all of those people that don't have smart phones!?!

Me:  That generation (the ones that don't want smart phones) is going to die out sooner or later!  I mean, no offense!

Coworker:  But they're so expensive!  I refuse to pay for that!

Me:  You can get a smart phone package at Walmart for $30!

Coworker (Completely changing the direction of this conversation!):  Well, then, people on well fare are going to be buying Smart Phones on my dime!  I don't want that to happen!

So, you are more worried about people on well fare buying smart phones, and trust me, they already do, than, figuring out that you should get one yourself!?
One of those moments in life when I stand there with a gaping jaw.

*My niece E. and I will tell you, WTF? stands for Where's the Food!?


  1. True - I have sat with a homeless woman in the park and looked at her photos on her smart phone!

    1. I know what you mean. When I worked at McDonalds and Walmart, ALL of those people had Cell Phones, and I didn't! I would think, how can they afford that? Well Fare, basically. It doesn't upset me, because now, I realize, maybe that's their only form of communication with their relatives.