Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Church Clothing Discussion: Is it really about Sunday best?

Here's a few comments I made on the wearing pants to church Facebook page. 
I've seen young men turned away from serving the Sacrament in my ward due to the color of shirt they were wearing. I saw a young man say, "Is it okay if I serve Sacrament?" and the Bishop told him to go find someone else to do it. He was wearing a dark purple button up shirt and a tie. It was gorgeous, and he looked very nice, yet he wasn't allowed to serve. (Those shirt and tie sets were all the rage last Christmas, and probably still are this year!) Anyway, this is just a random comment.
I do feel like there is plenty of sexism in my Ward, even with my calling, which I just resigned. I will be wearing pants this Sunday.

This was a response to a post:
I do feel like, as Michelle said, we should be understanding and gentle to anyone's feelings that do feel closer to the lord through attire, if that is what makes them happy!
When I was in a YSA branch, a young woman wore a lower cut shirt and a skirt. She was a less active member. I thought she looked fine or even really nice that day. The branch President walked over right before Sacrament started in whispered in her ear. She instantly started crying! This wasn't over pants, but a shirt. I don't remember if she came back after that. I think she decided to go to the family ward instead. I was really upset for her that day, but I thought that branch President wasn't very tactful anyway! Many of the women of the branch were immediately by her side to comfort her! Why was that "OK" for the branch President to do that? I don't think it was!

I do feel like woman are treated completely different in the LDS church.  Some women bring it on them selves.  To get the comment from a fellow sister, "Oh, that's sad!  You're not married!  You don't get to have the Priest Hood in your home!"  Seriously?!  Just because I chose to go to college, get a degree, and start a career, you think it's ok to say that?  It's very condescending!
One person said to me, in a very condescending way, "My life is going so perfect!  I'm getting married in the temple!  I know it's only been three months, but this is what I prayed for!  Not that your relationship isn't good..." At 24 years old, they've been married for a year, and now, are getting divorced.  Maybe she was ignorant in how hurtful that comment was, but she wouldn't have put the disclaimer at the end if she didn't.  
I've been with my boyfriend for over two and a half years.  We met online. He is not a member of the church.  I'm perfectly ok with that.  
A man moved into my ward that is an AMAZING organist.  Being the music chair, I requested of the Bishop that he would receive a music calling.  I was told, that all of the Sunday School positions would have to be filled first, before he would get a music calling!  
I felt that sexism was involved.  I even mentioned this to other people, and I was told that, Priest Hood positions have too be filled first! 
I wore pants to church today in honor of all of those women who have received these comments.  Educated women that have started careers and not rushed into marriage.  
It's not just about attire.  I don't want the Priest Hood.  I'm just sick of women being treated like second class citizens!  I did see another sister, maybe even two today that also wore pants.  Good for them.  Maybe I start wearing them more often!  The Winters in Indiana sure are cold!

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