Friday, December 28, 2012

End of the Year Check List

At the beginning of this year, I posted some New Years Goals.  Here's my year end review of how they went!
Goal #1: Get Healthier
I worked really hard on this.  I started making smaller amounts of food, so I wouldn't have as much excess.  I started buying healthier foods.  I started a Healthy Eating Support Group on Facebook.  I still have a few things I need to focus on and work on in this category, but I've got a huge start.

Goal #2: Work on things for my choir!
My choir, the Indy Adult Show Choir has almost made it to it's fourth year in existence!  In May, we had one of our most complicated shows to date, From Africa to the Islands.  We also had a Summer Pop Show, Christmas Show, and two other Public performances! 
This year, we became an official non-profit organization, thanks to Melanie.  In the next month or two, we will become tax exempt!   It's been a big year for my choir!

Goal #3: Get my financial situation under control!
In two months, one of my credit cards, my one that has been my biggest issue and pain in my life, will be paid off!  WOOOHOOO!!!!  After that, I'll start paying down my other card.  I'm starting to get closer with the financial situation under control. 

I'm going to have too work on my New Years Goals for next year.  These three that I had for this year will keep going, but I might add too the list!

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  1. Great job! Those are all big goals and you did well. I'm impressed.