Monday, December 3, 2012

When Ugly Shoes Happen to Good Women

I saw woman wearing a pair of Clarks today that are a Mary Jane style.  She is probably in her later 40's.  These were black shoes, and she was wearing bright red socks with them!  This woman is long and lean. She's beautiful!  She's successful!  She wearing shoes that aren't age appropriate!
Clarks are some of the most comfortable professional shoes on the market.  I wear them too!  I just hate when adults wear Mary Janes!  Very few woman have the right style to pull them off.
I know this comes from years of trying to find comfortable shoes in the 4,5,6 women's sizes that don't look too childish.  Mary Janes are made for four year olds. Now, if you're wearing a cute skirt with your Mary Janes, and cute tights or something, maybe you can pull that off and not look like your trying to relive your childhood style. I am not one of those women.
 There are other shoes that are out there that scream, "These shoes are really not for older women!"  For instance, I found some "boots with the fur" last week.  They are to replace a pair of boots I've been wearing for five years.  I do worry that someone might find they are not age appropriate for me, or they make me look like I'm trying to be a teenager again. 
I've bought shoes at the store, and then, worn them once and realized, "These look way too young for me!"  I have too be really careful to not do that!  I don't make rash decisions about shoes like I used too!
I feel for women right now.  A lot of the styles of shoes that are out right now are lackluster. It's almost embarrassing to see what the shoe industry thinks we should be wearing these days!
Dear Women buying shoes:
Take a stand against ugly shoes!  Don't let shoe companies push them on you!  Tell shoe companies, We want stylish AND comfortable!  Don't let companies like Crocs and Toms push their styles on you.  Only three year olds and teenagers can get away with wearing those shoes! Women should feel beautiful in their shoes! 

*This is my opinion. If you don't agree, I'm ok with that.  We can still be friends and not agree on everything!  

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