Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mental Misconceptions: A House

When I was little, I didn't understand what a house was.  I know this sounds very strange.  My family lived in a trailer until I was 11 years old.  It was pretty small.  I thought we had this tiny mobile home because we were poor.  That may have been part of the truth, but not all of it. When I visited other peoples houses, they all seemed to be these grandiose mansions to me.  Maybe I had really rich friends.  I'm not sure.  But I never understood that, most homes average around 2,000 square feet or smaller. (This could also be a misconception as an adult.) Or maybe as an adult, the average home is getting smaller.
As a teenager, it started to sink in a little bit.  My friend's mom started to look for a little home to move in to.  She would take my friend and me with her when she toured these houses.  They all seemed extremely small to me!  The idea that someone would by a home so small was a little baffling!  The thing was, it was just my friend and her mom.  They didn't need a gigantic home.  They just needed a enough space for the two of them.
What does this all mean now?
I'm currently an apartment dweller.  I'm O.K. with that!  I do have a thing with space. I like having a lot of living space.
I do want to get a house eventually, but I'm in no hurry.  Getting out of debt first is more important.
I've learned that I need to decide what I think is most important in a home, and make choices based on that.  For me, that would be an amazing kitchen! I do want space in other rooms, but a kitchen that has space, whether that's counter space or cabinet and storage space will be the important things to me.  
I've had to tell myself, a house for two or three people with cats is not going to be gigantic. In fact, it's probably going to be on the small side.  

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