Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Years Goal Update: Finances

Here's a quick update on my financial goal for 2013 of getting out of debt.  After much encouragement from my friend Brian, Ian and I took and finished Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University! We have started the Baby Steps, and this is what I (we) have accomplished so far:
Step 1. Save a $1,000 for a cushion during emergencies. 
I have done this.  I actually finished this a couple weeks in during the class, because I had already started it.
Step 2. The Debt Snow Ball
This is the current step I am working on.  I'm in a crapton of debt, if you didn't know.  Well, now you do!  My debt included two credit cards, a car payment, college loans, and moneys owed to the government.   During the class, I paid off a credit card that I had been working on paying off since 2004.  It was the card I used to pay for medicine and other necessities in college. This was a MAJOR accomplishment for me!  Not that I wasn't working on having it paid off this year, but now it is done! It is off my back!  The load is getting lighter!
I'm currently working on the second credit card.  Using the Debt Snow Ball, I plan on having it paid off by December! 
Originally, at some point last year, Brian was working with us and explaining how would could be out of debt withing seven years.  At first it was hard to see how that was even possible!  Being in debt sucks!  I was to the point were I was like, how did this even happen?!  I mean, I know where debt comes from. I get it!  But when your at the bottom looking up, it's hard to see the light.  Well, my friends, there is light at the end of the tunnel! (I'm trying to see how many cliche puns I can throw in this blog!)
Ian and I are setting goals and working on this together. These goals include everything from getting out of debt, buying a home, and even vacation planning!
I hate to seem like I'm all hopped up on Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University, even though I know I am.  The thing is, it works! If you have any questions about it, please ask!  Ian and I will try to answer them, and if we can't, we have some really good friends that might even teach the class!
I'll give more updates later in the year as we work on the Debt Snow Ball.

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  1. If it were easy, everybody would be debt free. It's hard work, but it's WORTH IT. Great job guys!!!