Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Emily is Leaving...

One day, I get an invitation to a wedding of an acquaintance, more likely because I know his mom and not because I was that close to him. I RSVP'd, and a thing happened. I met his wife at the wedding! We basically became instant friends. She started messaging me through Facebook about the Indy Adult Show Choir and wanting to join. Then, she did join us.
 Emily is the most thoughtful and dedicated person I have ever met! We have some of the same struggles in our lives. We bonded not only over music, but the facet that we both needed support to get us through things in our lives.
She's now moving to Austin, Texas, because her husband got a job. I'm to the point where I think, how am I going to survive without her here in the same city?!?!? We basically talk every single day, and saw each other if not almost every other day. Last night, as we were packing the truck for them to move, my thoughts were more like denying that Nate and Emily were leaving. They aren't moving!!! It's all a dream! I am not a crier, I mean, like barely ever. People may look at that as stoic or something. Well, more than anything, I'm dying on the inside!
Emily and Nate, I want to wish you safe travels!!! I love you guys SO MUCH!!! This is going to be such an awesome experience for you!!! You have each other, and that is so important!

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