Monday, January 23, 2017

Why I would have Marched

The Women's March/Peaceful Protest is NOT about "Killing unborn babies" as some of you keep saying.
It's about a woman's right to sexual health care or health care in general. It also includes reproductive rights.
What if religious individuals decide to take it upon them to decide that it's NOT ok to get fertility treatments? I've been told by one individual already, "That's interfering with God's Plan!!! If he wanted you to have children, you would have already gotten pregnant!!! God will make this happen when you aren't even thinking about it!"
I believe that God created science for a reason. I would have been dead a long time ago without it!
I will need medical assistance to get pregnant, and God has provided the science to make that happen!
Also, I think about having a baby 24/7! So, I'm never going to stop thinking about it!
I choose to believe in science to make this happen!
For the woman out there that is on birth control, because her life depends on it! NOT because trying to avoid pregnancy!
For the women and men out there that don't have anywhere to go to get tested for STD's and HIV/AIDS.
For the women that don't have insurance, because ACA/Obamacare just got hacked, and they don't have anywhere else to go now for Pap smears and other testing. (You do know those help catch whether women have cancer early, right?)
For the women and men out there that need sexual education, because they have only received "Abstinence Only" education from School/Home/Church.
I'd be careful with all of you women out there saying, "This march has nothing to do with me! I don't get it!"
The women that came before you worked so hard with their blood, sweet, tears, and LIVES to make sure you live a comfortable life! You are taking this for granted! Get educated before you judge! And to all of you out there that keep saying, "They're all BABY KILLERS!!!" You better check yourself! Women are losing their rights to health care during pregnancy when you get rid of clinics like Planned Parenthood!
Planned Parenthood SAVES LIVES!!!
Unless you are going to open a nationally known clinic that does all of the things that Planned Parenthood does to SAVE LIVES, you have no right to judge!
Pro-Life also includes AFTER THE CHILD IS BORN and ADULTS! So, don't complain about Welfare for Children. A lot of people out there insist a baby is born, but then, don't want to make sure the child doesn't starve to death afterward!
I support all women, but some of you are very judgemental about things you know nothing about!
You would be surprised how many women, even religious women, have to go to Planned Parenthood for health care, because they cannot afford to go anywhere else!

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