Thursday, January 19, 2017

Be the change!

I'm not a "Can't Even" type of person. In fact, it always drives me INSANE when someone says, "I can't even."
You can't even what? Please, enlighten me!
In the next 24 hours, I know a lot of people out there are feeling the "I can't evens."
Take time to pray for, send positive energy, light a candle, whatever it is you CAN do to help the things going on in this nation.
On top of that, in the next 4 years, do something to create a positive change on this Earth! Join a music group or something artistic. Find a group that supports something you believe in and join in the fight. That group doesn't have to be religious. It could be a group fighting for basic freedoms for everyone. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or women's shelter.
Donate money to organizations that are going to need it! (Planned Parenthood, Women's Shelters, LBGTQ Groups and Youth Groups, Suicide Prevention Organizations, Arts Organizations) Write your Senators and Congress people! Make sure they know, WE ARE THE PEOPLE THEY ARE REPRESENTING! NOT THE BIG CORPORATIONS WITH MONEY!!! Stop shopping with the big corporations that buy these Senators and congress people!
On top of it all, it may be hard to not gripe, complain, and feel love for others that may not have the same opinion as us. But we need to be the example. Be the leaders that show others that WE CAN!!! I challenge every single one of you to go out and DO SOMETHING POSITIVE!
Tomorrow, go forth with love and a positive attitude that YOU CAN! YOU CAN MAKE THAT CHANGE!!!

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