Saturday, January 14, 2017

Baby Making is Expensive! Thoughts on Infertility

Why is your way to get a baby better than mine?
Now, you may ask, why would I ask such a question! Well, I know lots of women that are in the same situation I am. They cannot get pregnant without help. Well, if you didn't know, fertility treatments, In Vitro Fertilization to be exact, run in the $17,000 range in Indiana. And that's just for the first try, with a maybe 60% chance of getting pregnant.
On top of that, if we decide to adopt instead of fertility treatments, private adoption is in the $35,000 range.
So, why do women get so defensive in the way we get the money to do it?
I decided to sell Mary Kay to start earning more money to go towards this goal.
When I told one women who had done fertility treatments, "Hey, I've started selling Mary Kay to help us earn the money towards IVF!" She said,"Why don't you do a Gofundme instead?" I had another person tell me, She took out a loan at the bank to have her twins. When I told her about the Mary Kay, she refused to even answer my messages!
I feel judged. They may not be able to buy Mary Kay right now, and that's fine. But why the shadiness? Why not just say, "I'm sorry. I can't buy right now, but good luck on your journey!" I know these women did other things like, sell baked goods they personally made. (Not really legal without a "Roadside Stand Certification" in Indiana.) Yes, I didn't buy any, but I did wish them luck, and gave love and support on their journey to getting a baby.
I'm selling a legit product, legally, and working towards a goal.
I do love these women. I want them to be successful on their journeys.
I'm not going to take out a loan that I have fear of looming over our heads for years, and there's a chance that the baby won't even happen on the first try. I don't want to beg people for free money. Trust me. I have supported the women that do this by making donations. I'm not judging their ways. This just isn't the way I want to accomplish our goal.
Why do I feel I'm being judged for my choice?

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