Monday, November 19, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 19

Day 19: I am thankful for the movie "Sister Act."  This movie may have saved my life!  I had seen it many times before, but one day, I saw this movie in a double feature package with "Sister Act 2" in the five dollar been at Walmart.  I picked it up and bought it.  I went home and watched this movie.  Every time the nuns started singing with Whoopi as their director, I started tearing up and crying.  I knew that I enjoyed music and directing a choir.  I had been directing the choir off and on in my church branch.  But this music, pop music, was the kind of music I wanted to direct.  I knew I wanted to direct a group that needed music in their lives.  Not that church friends don't need music, but I do think some of them take the opportunity for granted.
The rest is history!  I started the Indy Adult Show Choir, with help from some friends, and my life has been changed for the better.
I love all of the friends I have made through my community choir!  Through my choir, I have a life I enjoy living!
Watching "Sister Act" changed my life and made me realize what I really needed to be doing!

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